Nov 3, 2008

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In her vacation idul fitri last month my nephew come playing to yogyakarta with its 3 of her friends.
During in Yogyakarta they wish going to coastal place especially parangtritis and shopping to mallioboro
Considering them only one day in yogyakarta become in one day we should be able to in 2 place that is coastal of parangtritis and mallioboro.

Finally 12.30 pm have prepare and go to All coast parangtritis stop by in famous Depok with the place of fish Auction.
No wonder if at that moment fish price go up 2 times fold from ordinary price, because its multitude visitor and fish limited by according to economic law price of fish come high.
Because we are hungry hence costly fish price do not become the problem.

After getting home and our bath continue the journey to Mallioboro shooping centre.
They buy typical food of yogyakarta that is bakpia patok and finally squat in angkringan monument at 11.30PM

Getting home, we take a rest well-sleeply because fatigue all day long journey.


gajah_pesing said...

sebentar saia ambil kamus...

Gold1silk said...

thanks udah mampir, wealah kok pake kamus segala :D

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