Oct 13, 2008

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Although have been ascertained as champion MotoGP, Valentino Rossi still hunt victory in two series of is rest of to be reached by the personal records champion and get bonus.

Rossi lock the title of world champion at series of MotoGP Japan, when he note the his eight victory this season. After only become runner-up in Australian, he stand by to win two series of is rest of started from Malaysia.

Last year Season Rossi only become the fifth champion in Sepang. Since 500cc becoming class of MotoGP year 2002 then, have thrice he bear away over there. Not merely Malaysia eye which is aimed at by Rossi. Valencia which become the conclusion series even also wish terminating of with the best result.

If Rossi able to win all series of is rest of this season, hence man of Italian of have age 29 year old, totalize will collect 382 additional blessing number 50 poin victory
The amount will become the personal new champion he make, in the case of acquirement poin in season.
In this time poin of Rossi is 367, what is noted by a moment bear away the year world 2005 ago.

If in two series of is rest of Rossi footstep able to lectern -- good one, two and or three-- hence he will terminate this season by acquirement 16 lectern.
That will come up to its champion as acquirement lectern of a lot of in season, what is noted by Rossi of at season 2003 and 2005.

With the champion crown have sticked in head, opportunity get the addition " bonus" will not is off hand released " The Doctor" for the shake of sweetening this year successfulness

How your opinion? Whether he can reach the its person champion goals ?


Anonymous said...

rosii be the winner
salam kenal mbak dari arek blogger warok

Gold1silk said...

salam kenal balik :D Rossi really wish to pursue the bonus and its record person. What according to you, last race in valencia he also will win?

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